Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crystal Clear

I am one of the lucky ones. At age 3 I proclaimed I was going to be an artist when I grew up and I never wavered. I knew the what and the why of my life, but it was after college that I learned I needed to figure out the where and the how. I consider myself a river person. I always felt the pull to flow to the valley of art, but that river has taken many twists and turns to get there. For to combine your deepest longing, your voice, your calling with the aspects of the real world, can be one of the most challenging missions.

I had waited enough tables to figure out that I needed to have a job at something at least partially art related. So I took anything I found that could increase my skills; sign painting, faux finish, massed produced paintings for time shares, cruise ships and flea markets. Anything. I became a scenic artist working for the theme parks in Orlando and then started a company doing large scale murals. The whole time I painted for me, trying to find a way to combine my voice with the seriousness and urgency of “making a living”. I finally starting showing “my” work in restaurants and gift shops and then gratefully in art festivals and galleries. I discovered that some people loved my art as much as I did. My river had made its way over the waterfall into the lake of “I’ve made it.”

My river continues to twist and turn its way through raising my 2 children and has recently slammed against the rocks of a global economic crisis. Things, as always, continue to change. I now show my work in galleries around the southeast and I’m learning the balancing act of having a career that I love and being the mother that I want to be for my children. What I know for sure is that “what I want to be when I grow up” is an ever flowing and changing process- no matter how crystal clear the water may be.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Artist Statement

The majority of my art work can be summarized as drawing and painting on fabric and paper collage. The subjects range from idealized faces and figures of women to landscapes, nature scenes and abstracts.

All the pieces begin with fabric and paper collage arranged, sewn and adhered to wood panels. The collages consist of any of the following; antique cloths, contemporary fabrics, antique dictionary pages, old children’s school books, atlases, architectural plans, wallpaper, tablecloths, napkins, lace, buttons, flowers, leaves and any variety of papers and 2D found objects. Over the collages, the drawings are done in charcoal and the work is painted with acrylics and mediums.

My intention is to weave an autobiographical tapestry invoking and addressing universal issues such as philosophy, spirituality, sexuality, motherhood and self-awareness. Most of the titles come from appropriate words found in the collage.

The joy in this process is the instinctual choices of rendering and harmonizing what I will cover up and what I will leave to be revealed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Question of mediums

Folks have been asking me lately 'how is your art going?" Just fabulous thank you. I haven't painted in probably months, but my 2 of my works in progress are developing beyond my wildest dreams. They continue to stretch the limits of my imagination, they've got me messier than oil paint, and they fill me better than the most fabulous day in the studio. Why did I paint? To channel something greater than myself was the answer on many days. Why I choose to play trains for hours and listen to the Cars soundtrack for the 2000th time? Same answer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

Coming Nemos!!!!!

Cash and Karma

Question to the Universe. My gallery has informed me that this painting is hanging in a lovely $30 million home in Naples since January, yet I have only received 1/12th of the retail price. Can I cash in some Karma points from good behavior in exchange for the parties responsible doing the right thing? With loving gratitude....

Nap Time Is Over

Never start a new project at the end of nap time is always a great rule to follow. Just when things start getting interesting, there's a 2 year old crying at your feet to open more play-doh, that regardless of your pleas and wishes, will be eaten. Play now with your project, pay later with a rainbow you never dreamed of. aaahhhh The Life of an Artist-Mom.