Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Old Work

Inspired by Cori Dantini's blog post The Old Me and a clean out session involving old art work photos, I thought I would comment about my 20 plus years as an artist. 

I graduated from Rollins College painting thick textured oil paintings....

...and did many commercial paintings and murals....

I got a job at Universal Studios Orlando as a scenic artist...

 ...and then started my own company painting large scale murals.
(this one was 10' x 20')

I fell in love with  acrylic painting on strange textures like burlap...

..and started drawing and putting figures back into my work (like in college).

From there I discovered the joys of working on fabric and paper collage and got closer to my subjects...

...and starting dividing the pieces into many panels.

It's amazing how fast 20 years can progress when you love what your doing.


  1. OMG! You are an remarkable talent! I have been toying with art all my life. I have only taken a class here and there and now mostly online. I love the way you use your material/medium! I always looks forward to what you are doing!

  2. How interesting. Thank you for sharing your development. I love your latest work especially the portrait posted to IF.